First time home buyers often look for a home before they take the time to get "pre-approved". This can lead to disappointment if they can not qualify to purchase a property that they would like. A first time home buyer can avoid being disappointed by getting pre-approved not pre-qualified. With pre-qualification, a lender tells you "how much you can qualify for" based upon information you provide but they don't commit to making you a loan.

On the other hand, a pre-approval involves filling out an application, submitting documentation, and obtaining a formal pre-approval letter. This letter will give you greater negotiating power and let sellers know that you are a NO problem buyer.

How to buy a home with limited money down! There are still first time home buyer programs that offer low down payment options with approved credit. Don't put off buying due to a lack of funds since there are many flexible loan programs to meet your financial situation.

You can still buy a home with damaged credit! You should not pass up the opportunity to own a home because you feel that your credit is not good enough to qualify. Consulting with one of our professionals in advance can help bring forward any potential issues you might have. This will also give you the chance if needed to take the necessary steps to improve your credit rating or correct and discrepencies

If you do not qualify for a loan now, we can help guide you on improving your credit and what steps to take.

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Some First Time Buyer Programs:

This Goverment backed loan allows a first time buyer to purchase a home with as little as 3.5% down
This program is similiar to FHA, it is supported by the California Housing Department and allows as little as .5% down payment.
This program is sponsored by the Veterans administration and allows qualifying armed force veterans to purchase a home with 0 Down payment
County and City assistance
Check with one of our first time buyer consultants on specific programs that might be available in your particular City or county